2nd Best Buy Set to Open

Best Buy opens in CaguasBest Buy continues their expansion and their plans to become the dominant supplier of electronics on the island. On May 23rd, Best Buy will open their second location in Caguas. The new store is located on the Home Depot side of the Las Catalinas Mall. At this time, I haven't heard of any grand opening ceremonies, and maybe after the recent Krispy Kreme opening, maybe Caguas isn't ready for another blow-out grand opening, but I'll certainly pass on any special announcements.

It's a pity that they missed the window just slightly for Mother's Day, but they will open just in time for Father's Day. So honey, when you get this post through your trusty RSS-reader, you know where to shop. I'd leave it up to you what to get me, but technology isn't your strongest suit. Just always remember this: you can never have enough off-line hard disk space (you know those Bit Torrent season downloads start to add up...). I'd say that sounds pretty good. Just a suggestion.

And speaking of the electronics super center battle royale, I haven't seen anything released by either Best Buy or Circuit City claiming any advantage. Although I'm sure both were none too happy when CompUSA in San Patricio opened under new owners. In an eye-ball measurement of advertising, I'd say all three companies are being rather conservative, and maybe if anyone has the lead in advertising, maybe it is Best Buy, who seems to run a weekly shopper with more frequency than Circuit City. The City advertised pretty frequently when they initiallyopened, but quickly tapered off to trickle.