WebWare 100 Announced

Webware 100WebWare.com has announced the third annual, 2008 winners of the best Web 2.0 web applications. Before you check to see if your favorites made the list, I bet your wondering did DóndeEs.com make the list? Well, not this year, but thanks for thinking of us! ;-)

No, I bet you were wondering how they picked the winners. Well they (WebWare editors) first started by whittling down a list of 5000 qualifying nomininees to a more manageable size of 300 finalists. They then opened the list of finalists for voting from the WebWare.com website. Over 1.9 million votes were cast for the 300 finalists this year. So ultimately, the Internet community, or at least the Webware community picked the winners.

The winners were chosen amongst ten different categories. And each category awarded ten top vote getters. I won't repeat all of the categories and winners, but I will share some of the top overall vote getters. If you're curious, they have a nice page with all 100 winners listed. It makes for a quick browse.

Just slightly more than half of all the votes cast in the Webware 100 went to the top 10 vote-getters. Six of these top 10 are no surprise at all: Facebook, Firefox, Google, iTunes, MySpace, and YouTube. But the other four may not be as familiar: DeviantArt, Friendster, Gaia Online, and Maxthon.

I did a little inventory of the applications. Of the 100, I recognized 60 easily. And of those 60, I can claim to use on a regular basis 28. How about you? Of the 40 I didn't recognize or had never heard of, there were only two that I can honestly say pose any interest to me at all: blogtalkradio.com and voicethread.com. These two hold interest for us because we'd like to add more audio/visual content to DóndeEs.com, especially in the area of helping everyone get the most out of our web application.

In case you've never heard of WebWare.com, it is a blog (site) where computer users can learn about new and useful Web applications. Webware.com was coded, and is hosted by, CNET.