Sunshine Logroño debuts Boricua Natural Killer on YouTube

Want more proof that the media models and institutions that everyone takes for granted are crumbling at their foundation? We all know that newspapers will soon be pushing up daisies, but what about television? Well, what else would you call it when a well known writer, actor, director, and comedian completely excludes the local television and film industry and launches a short film directly on YouTube?

In an impressive debut, Sunshine Logroño recently released "Boricua Natural Killer" on YouTube. The seven minute film features Sunshine and Jorge Castro in a dark comedy that features some hilarious examples of local phrases used to surprising effect. While the language used in the short is probably best kept to adults, and is definitely not safe for an office setting, it is extremely hilarious.

Apparently Sunshine decided that he was going to use the Internet for projects that he wouldn't be able to do any how, adding that YouTube, for this generation, was comparable to Cable TV for his generation.

Sunshine will continue to pursue traditional movie making channels as he will be making some longer format movies, but the comedian added that the new digital format would permit him to remain creative while waiting for funding for those other projects. In addition, since he can finish them quickly, they are an effective cure for creative release prior to heading into the longer term prospect of working on a big project.

At the time of this post, the film has received over 7,000 views and over 50 comments. Not bad for the month that it has been available on YouTube, but I'd certainly like to see it get a lot more. While it features dark humor, I think the film is excellent. The quality is excellent and it made me laugh a lot. So I think a native Boricua should enjoy it even more. According to a quick search, the video hasn't picked up the blog buzz across the Internet that would be necessary for it to become more popular. That's too bad, because it is really funny.



2 de abril de 2008, 09:22
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