Security cameras stolen. No, really.

In a resounding display of sentiment for anti-security, residents of the Las Dalias residential community are making a statement:

"We like the level of crime we currently have, thank you very much. I mean seriously, who asked you to butt your noses into our neighborhood, Vivienda Publicas? I mean who do you think you are Big Brother?"
In defiant support of a more lawless environment, neighbors of the Las Dalias community are celebrating the disappearance of security cameras that had been previously installed in the community.

Police are confirming that, in fact, eight security cameras were stolen from the Las Dalias residential community during last week. Police also added, that they believe they will be able to apprehend the criminals. Snickering to themselves, the Police said:
"Maybe the criminals didn't know, but we have security cameras for our security cameras. Yes, we have two sets of cameras. One set watches the community, and the other set watches the first set. So we should have captured the identities of the criminals who stole the first set of cameras. That is unless they stole the second set of cameras that were watching the first set. Well then, we got bupkiss. Doy, foiled again by the sheer cunning of criminal mind."
Police later added off-record:
"Hey Chief! Make sure you add a third set of cameras to the other $20 million worth of systems that are planned to be installed in another 50 communities. We'll need another set of cameras to watch the second set of cameras."
Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: CBS_Fan und das Rätsel der verschwundenen Kekse