RUSH in Puerto Rico Conferencia de Prensa 2008

Local website has scored a popular hit video with their compilation of the Rush Snakes and Arrows Live press conference recorded on Wednesday prior to the band's practice show. As I understand the band played their entire show on Wednesday as the final practice prior to kicking off their 2008 tour tonight at the Choliseo. Not only did they play the entire show, but it was also a last chance run through for the visual effects as well. A complete list of the songs from the practice show is available on the awesome site if you can't wait until tonight.

It's a pretty cool video, however it would have been nice to hear the questions. As I've pointed out before, Geddy Lee acknowledges the change in the music industry and points out how that it benefits Rush. As you can imagine, I concur totally. Yes $150 is a lot of money, but when you get three hours of an unreproducable experience, it simply can not be matched. And in this particular case, even more so.

Yesterday I caught an interview on Alfa Rock of Pepe Dueño and Larry Stein. They are the duo that is behind the historic appearance of Rush tonight. They both offered some insight into how this concert came to be and hinted at other spectacular show to come. During one point they said that two things were responsible for being able to get Rush to play in Puerto Rico. First, with the advances in air transportation, it was now possible to transport the band's equipment cost effectively and second, since they were able to negotiate the opening show it gave everyone the time necessary to get everything down here, which they mentioned also helped keep costs down.

But probably the most impressive part of the interview was to hear the enthusiasm and excitement they both had when describing the practice concert. They both felt that it was going to be the most impressive concert ever for Puerto Rico. When Larry Stein says that he has never seen anything like the show that Rush will put on, well I think that puts things in perspective. I agree, based on the attention to detail the band is currently putting into their live show, the professionalism they all are placing on their musicianship, and the positive mood that they are in, even though I've already seen them four times, I think that this is going to be the best show ever.

To emphasize this point, did you know that all three of the members of Rush were individually recognized by fans in Readers' Choice Awards in Guitar Player, Bass Player, and Modern Drummer? It's hard to believe, but these guys are still at the top, even after 35 years of performing. In one word, amazing.



12 de abril de 2008, 09:32
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I was a bitchin'' concert. The light show, especially 2112 was awesome. I am buying the Live CD Tuesday for the drum solo! (and to ease the pain of TAX time).
The audience median age was prolly 40. I saw a woman in front of me who looked like a banker even in jeans. But when the music started it was incredible. Ppl dancing, singing, a fabulous experience.