Inés María Mendoza Rivera de Muñoz Marín

Doña InésThe Luis Muñoz Marin Foundation is asking persons possessing materials of a documentary nature about Inés María Mendoza, or Doña Inés as she was known, to donate the materials to the foundation. They are looking for photographic images, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and any audio or video recordings.

For those of you who were sleeping during Puerto Rican History class, Doña Inés was married to Luis Muñoz Marin and became Puerto Rico's First Lady when her husband became the first democratically elected governor in 1948. She lived in La Fortaleza for 16 years after her husband was successfully re-elected tree times.

The foundation wishes to incorporate the materials into a 100th birthday celebration for Doña Inés, who had she still be living today would have turned 100 back on January 9th. If you have anything that you think might be of interest to the foundation, please contact them at (787) 755-7979 or with electronic mail: flmm at coqui dot net.