Dia de la Prenvención del Maltrato a Menores

La prevención del maltrato está en tus manosThis coming Wednesday, April 30th, is the Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Did you know the number of children abused in Puerto Rico….

  • is five times the capacity of Roberto Clemente Coliseum,
  • 13 times the population of Old San Juan,
  • 4 times the population of Vieques
  • would fill the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, twice?
That's a lot of children. Too many children! And we are not talking about the abuse they suffer in our public school system. That's another heinous crime altogether. Fortunately ESCAPE, El Centro de Fortalecimiento Familiar has dedicated itself to the intervention, treatment, and prevention of child abuse and domestic violence.

ESCAPE, is a non-profit organization that has been accepted this challenge since 1983. The programs of ESCAPE include services such as visits and counseling at home through professionals and volunteers, crisis intervention, counseling and guidance telephone, Program Early Head Start, parenting classes, lectures, conferences, educational development and promotion of informational materials. In addition, they also sponsor research on the problem of child abuse and family violence.

Don't be indifferent to child abuse...In order to raise awareness of the problem of child abuse, ESCAPE is sponsoring a ribbon wearing campaign. With the purchase of an ESCAPE ribbon, you will not only contribute to improving the quality of life thousands of children and families on the island, but you'll also demonstrate that you really care about this problem.

To purchase your ribbon, visit any of the participating Wendy's: Plaza Las Américas, Plaza Carolina, San Patricio Plaza, Plaza del Caribe, Montehiedra Town Center, Plaza del Sol, and Mayagüez Mall. The ribbons cost only $1.00. If you'd like to purchase a large quantity of ribbons, please contact (787) 287-6161.

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