April is Neuter-a-thon Month

 SPAY/NEUTER YOUR PET: REDUCE ANIMAL OVERPOPULATIONThe Humane Society of Puerto Rico, Inc. is currently conducting an aggressive spay/neuter campaign for male cats and dogs. Besides extolling the overall benefits of the procedure, the campaign offers the procedure at a lower cost as an incentive for people to sterilize their pets.

According to Carmen A. Prieto, Executive Director of the Humane Society this campaign is specifically targeted to male cats and dogs. “Pets owners are more focused on sterilizing females pets but males are the ones that look for reproduction. (It wasn't me!) In addition, the spay and neuter procedure is easier and its recovery faster in males, stated Prieto.

She added that according to a recent poll, two thirds of the population in Puerto Rico owns a pet; from which 1,188,000 are dogs and 369,600 are cats. However, as she explained not all these pets are sterilized, since sterilization is not seen by most pet owners as part of the preventive and routine health care for their pets, and because the high cost of the procedure.

The cost for sterilizing pets during April is $30 for cats and $45 for dogs. Those interested in sterilizing their pets should visit the HSPR facilities at Barrio Los Frailes in Guaynabo to coordinate an appointment from Monday through Friday. For more information call to 787-720-6038

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: amazonactivist