Puerto Rico: Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean

Savor Puerto RicoThe Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association (PRHTA) recently announced their plans to make Puerto Rico the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean with "Saborea Puerto Rico: A Culinary Extravaganza (Savor Puerto Rico)." According to the PRHTA, the event will showcase the best talents of the Puerto Rican kitchen. In other words, this is yet another of these exclusive dining experiences created to stimulate tourism, like SOFO and the Culinary Festival in the Convention Center. This dining extravaganza will be held April 5th and 6th on the grounds of the Balneario de Carolina.

Essentially this is an activity which features "fine-dining" organized into event. The idea here is to charge, in my opinion, an exorbitant price to sample fine food and beverages. But I'll let you be the judge, I for one, can't afford the prices of any of these gastronomic festivals, so I really don't know if they are worth the money or not. But just from the outside, it looks pretty expensive.

During this extravaganza, there are three main activities. Each of the activities, por supuesto, features probably some of the best food available on the island and probably unlimited wine and beer. However, on average, the cost is $100 per person. Now, I'm not a complete zero to the left when it comes to dining out, but I don't think I've ever spent $100 on just myself. Maybe the most might have been spent is $60 or $70. Of course I'm not talking about throwing back a half a dozen or a dozen or more drinks, now that could certainly add up, but to tell you the truth, those kind of drinking days are long gone in the highlights of my youth.

I guess the novelty and value is in the opportunity to try and taste a little bit of everything. And if you get there at opening time, which is 11:00 a.m., and you stay till closing time, which is 6:00 p.m., I guess you could really get two meals out of the experience plus an afternoon of unlimited drinking. If that's your plan, then I'd definitely go for it. If you do go, drop a comment and let us know what you thought.

Besides the fine dining and drinking, the event will feature seminars, cooking demonstrations, wine tasting sessions, food and beverage tastings and children’s cooking classes. The children's cooking classes are extra though. Or maybe these are really just "cuido de niños" in disguise. Yeah, honey let's hit the extravaganza, dump the kids at the "cooking classes" and go party by ourselves. Woo hoo!

One nice twist to this event is that part of the funds generated by Saborea will be used by the PRHTA Educational Fund to provide training and certification for new people in the hospitality industry and for employees who are already working in this sector.



17 de marzo de 2008, 09:22
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This is a great way to showcase the excellent cuisime that can be found here in Puerto Rico, but the cost is going to prevent the majority of people from attending.

It would have been nice to have attended, but there is no way that I would pay the price that they have set. I am sure a lot of people will skip this event due to te cost.