Oh Happy Day, When Krispy Kreme Arrived

For you donut enthusiasts out there, and no I'm not talking to you Homer, heaven isn't too far away. Finally after many years of waiting, Krispy Kreme will open their first store. And as my luck has it, they'll open first here in Caguas. Uhmmmm, donuts. Man it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. But I guess I'll have to buy a bib or put a cork in my mouth because the store isn't scheduled to open until summer, some time between May and June. The new store will be located close to the Wal-Mart Supercenter on the Rafael Cordero Avenue.

Note: For those of you who live in Caguas and are familar with the construction taking place near the Wal-Mart, the Krispy Kreme must be the building going up behind the new Longhorn Steakhouse.

Caribbean Glaze Corp, who owns the franchise rights for the donut shop here in Puerto Rico, has announced that they intend on opening between five and seven stores. With an estimated cost of $1.5 million per store, each will feature some 2,600 square feet and employ approximately 60 people. The next store locations have not been announced, but management for Caribbean Glaza has indicated that they will be in the San Juan metropolitan area.

Krispy Kreme is famous for their glazed donuts and about 15 to 20 other flavors. While I intend on trying them all, from my visits to the states, my favorite so far is the Maple Glazed. The store is also known for illuminating a glowing neon sign to announce that their Original Glazed yeast-raised doughnuts are coming out right at that moment, so you can get them while they are still hot. Something I look forward to experiencing

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15 de marzo de 2008, 12:33
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Yay!! I LOVE Krispy Kreme!!!! its like crack!!! (in a non drug kind of way... sort of...)