Cavernas de Camuy reopened

After the tragic death of a tourist in early January, the Compañia de Parques Nacionales (CPN) announced that the doors to the Parques de Cavernas, the popular tourist attraction, were reopened on February 15th.

According to Ramón Nieves, Direcvtor of the CPN, the park was reopened after an investment of approximately $150,000. Included within this investment was the purchase of hardhats for visitors, an all terrain vehicle that will serve as a ambulance for the facility, and the purchase of a defibrillator. In addition, the investment provided for the rehabilitation of Espiral Cueva. Espiral will substitute Cueva Clara, which was the location of the fatal accident. Espiral was closed after the pass of Hurricane Georges in 1998. Cueva Clara is scheduled to reopen in June 2008.

The Parque de Cavernas provides employment for 61 people and receives approximately 150,000 tourists annually.

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