Safer Internet Day 12 February 2008

Safer Internet Day promotionLiberty Cablevision recently announced that they would be helping to sponsor and promote "Safer Internet Day". The program, which aims to increase awareness about the importance of Internet safety and to also inform the public about the risks possible by unnecessarily exposing personal information (especially about children) on the Internet. The campaign hopes to help people better recognize and eliminate dangerous activities while using the Internet.

As I mentioned yesterday, if Liberty Cablevision is running some type of campaign, I haven't seen or heard anything locally. I caught wind of this through one of my many feeds otherwise I would have missed it all together. I commend Liberty for picking up this cause, but I criticize them for not working harder (think to make the marketing material they paid for available over the Internet. I'm sure I'm not the only person here who doesn't watch local television and rarely listens to the radio (okay maybe I am, sigh). So if they want to connect with me, they had better re-use their ads on the Internet. And no thank you, I don't want to read what you think about the issue. I mean who wants to read these days? Gimme video baby.......

Safer Internet Day, which is February 12th, is an international event to promote Internet safety all over the world. The organization behind the social awareness day has an informative web site available to support the event. I would recommend for any parent or teenager wanting to know more about Internet safety to visit the frequently asked question (FAQ) page to learn more about the risks associated with popular activities such as blogging, social networks, and chatting. The site and the awareness event are all brought to us by Insafe, a network of national nodes that coordinate Internet safety awareness in Europe.

In general insafe promotes empowerment. As with anything, empowered with knowledge and understanding one can do a lot to protect oneself. What can you do to get the very best out of internet and avoid the pitfalls? Firstly, never give away any private informationdon’t tell anyone anything that could help them identify or locate you. Protect your data by installing technical filters, anti-spyware and by using the recommended default safety settings on all your online equipment, from modem to mobile. Below is a promotional video for the event:



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I highly recommend these resources about Internet safety for kids:

The presentations are easy to modify to tailor to a local school, church etc.
See? I can comment on stuff other than Rush! ;-)