Oscars - la 11ma gran noche del cine

Jon StewartComing quick on the heels of the Grammy's, this year's awards by the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will host its award show on February 24th. In celebration of this special occasion, Caribbean Cinemas and El Nuevo Dia are holding once again a benefit in honor of the award show. Starting at 6:00, the benefit will take place at the San Patricio Caribbean Cinemas and cost $127.50.

The schedule of events for the evening include a reception, cocktail and buffet at 6:00 p.m. An exhibition of the nominated movies at 8:00 p.m. And then finally a live broadcast of the 80th presentation of the Academy Awards.

One high note for me for this year's award show is that after being shunned after his debut host performance in 2006, star of "The Daily Show", Jon Stewart has been asked to return as host of the ceremony. While there are a lot of funny people, I believe that within his niche, fake news, there is no one better or funnier. Actually, for my money (which I don't have...), "The Daily Show" is the most informative news show around (fake or whatever else you call what CNN, FOX, NBC do for news, because you can't call it "real"). So while I'd love to see his performance on the big screen, I'm afraid that I don't belong to the .01% of our lovely population that can actually afford to spend this kind of money to watch something available for free on television.

The function will benefit Coderi, YMCA of San Juan, La Fondita de Jesus, and the Hogar Crea San Cristóbal.