Beca Lexus para Artistas

Seeking ideas...Lexus of Puerto Rico is sponsoring a call for applications for 3 art grants for local artists. The call for applications is being managed through the Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico, which has a PDF of the application available on their website. The deadline for submission is February 22nd, 2008. For more details (787) 721-1037, ext. 1187.

The grants, of up to $ 7000 each, will be awarded to developing artists who meet specific criteria (explained below). For the purposes of this competition, an artist in development, for purposes of these grants is defined as an individual graduate of a vocational school or college who is starting his career in the field of arts, or who proposes a significant change in their discipline. The term of the grants will be for one year. After this term, each artist will have a commitment to present the results of their project in an event to publicize the works and highlight the contribution from Lexus to becoming a Puerto Rican artist.

The criteria are:

  • Be a U.S. citizen and a resident of Puerto Rico for the past five (5) years.
  • Be an adult.
  • Have formal education, or its equivalent years of experience in the artistic discipline in which the project. The equivalent is determined from the evidence that career presented each candidate in its portfolio.
  • The project must be in one of the following disciplines: sculpture, ceramics, painting, drawing, graphic arts, installations and other contemporary art forms, as described above.
  • Present a portfolio in which evidences their career. This guide provides information related to the process established for the return of the portfolio.
  • Be available for an interview with the evaluating committee.
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