Well it's now official....

Both the Coliseo de Puerto Rico web site and TicketPop now have the announcement for..... Disney On Ice - Princess Classics 08. Whaaaaa.....???? Yep running from April 2nd through April 6th, Disney on Ice returns to Puerto Rico.

get ready to visit spectacular castles and far off lands in this magical, musical journey. This show will take you on a ride which includes all the sections of romance, fun, and adventure with Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan. Enjoy all the magic of this skating extravaganza! Hehe, I know the whole ice skating thing must hold a certain fascination for us since we live on a hot rock in the middle of the ocean, but really after witnessing this a couple of times, I'm left wondering what's the deal with ice dancing. I mean for the money I'd rather see a musical performance with , uhm, real dancing and singing and stuff.

I'm not dogging the people who perform, I mean I couldn't do it, but the whole jumping twirling skating thing just seems so conspired. And then not only do they sucker you into the seats, but then they bring the twirly blinking shiny made in China crap around. Sometimes I wonder what the Chinese must think of us. Just imagine some house wives working on the production line shouting across to each other: "Would you just look at this worthless piece of crap!" The other responds: "I know. And they think we have the fucked up country. Anyone who would buy this $0.10 toy must be nuts."

Three guys from Canada

And speaking about some guys and frozen ice, for those of you who made it this far. RushIsABand has announced that there WILL be an advance Rush ticket sale TOMORROW through MusicToday. While the Coliseo web page finally has the advertisement up, there is still no official word on when the regular sale will begin and nothign at TicketPop. Unofficially, Alpha Rock has been announcing that tickets will go on sale Saturday at 9:00 a.m. The Coliseo site mentions something about an "Venta exclusiva de VISA", but there really is no explanation what that means.

Music Today is listing the prices as follows:

Ticket Price:
$166.92 Price Level 1
$140.17 Price Level 2
Ticket price includes local service charges and 7% sales tax



29 de enero de 2008, 08:58
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Visa sales means they won't accept other cards, even when bought and accepted via web. I have been there b4. I once bought tickets with an Amex but had to cough up the cash when picking them up cuzz they canceled the order.
No cheap tickets on the presale, mmm.