Update: Walgreens announces store acquisition

Yummy, Spree!I finally tracked down the location of the 20 stores that are involved in the transaction. Here, starting with the stores closest to the San Juan Metro-plex, are the stores:

  1. Santurce: Norte Shopping Center
  2. Rio Piedras: El Señorial
  3. Condado: Ave. Ashford Mall
  4. Isla Verde: Isla Verde Mall
  5. Trujillo Alto: Plaza Encantada
  6. Carolina: Parque Escorial
  7. Carolina: Ave. Campo Rico
  8. Carolina: Carolina Shopping Court
  9. Bayamón: Ave. Hostos
  10. Bayamón: Hill View Plaza
  11. Caguas: Las Catalinas Mall
  12. Toa Baja: Plaza Davidson
  13. Aguadilla: Plaza Borinquen
  14. Vega Alta: Vega Alta Mall
  15. Cayey: Cayey Shopping Center
  16. Fajardo: Motesol Shopping Center
  17. Las Piedra: Las Piedras Shopping Center
  18. Toa Alta: Plaza Aquario Mall
  19. Manati: Villa Maria Shopping Center
  20. Manati: Monte Real
All I can say, is that I see at least one positive to this sale. At least now when the family and I go to the movies at Las Catalinas, we'll now be able to stop at a Walgreens and pick up my favorite movie candy: Spree. Walgreens has always carried the tangy treats, while El Amal never did.



22 de enero de 2008, 10:32
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dude, there's a Walgreens in Bairoa, thats like 2 minutes from Catalinas. thas now about 7 Walgreens in Caquas!
Really annoyed because the Amal plan sounds interesting and having a clinic close by would be awesome for someone like me with a small kid.