The success of Borders in Puerto Rico

While many businesses on the island have seen some of there most challenging times recently, Borders is most definitely not one of them. I know, for one and you can ask my wife to her chagrin, that it is certainly my and Dó's favorite store/meeting place/quasi-library on the island.

In an age when many stores miss out on a simple strategy, Borders stands as a giant in the successful generation of store traffic. It always baffles me that most businesses don't do more to generate traffic into their stores. I know from personal experience that once I'm in a store it is sometimes difficult to exit without buying something, which is why the missus is always frantic when I say that I'm going to a meeting at Borders. From the cafe, to the chess tables, to the lenient policy of reading in the store, and the coupons they excel in getting people into the store (now if they could just figure out how to keep shit shelved correctly). Add to this that a visit to Border's is not usually a quick trip, according to Christie Hilferty, Senior Marketing Manager for Borders, "An internal study of store activity demonstrated that the average client of Borders stays a minimum of one hour." No kidding, time flies when I'm there! That's a long time to be tempted!.

But like trying to get out of Sam's Club or CostCo without spending more than $100, I've developed the self control to now frequently accomplish those tricks as well as going to Borders and not spending a dime. I mean don't get me wrong, it's not easy, but it is doable. Well, at least some of the time. Which is why, according to one source, the three stores on the island generate sales of over $24 million annually. Enough to make Puerto Rico the Borders' market with the most sales in the southeast United States.

According to spokespersons for the chain, they are in the process of evaluating real estate for possible expansions, but they do not have anything planned. I for one have been hoping for a Borders in Caguas for quite some time now. I wonder if there is still space left at Los Prados? Of course, there is the recently vacated space in Plaza Centro where Pueblo used to be; that would make a nice little space, and close to home. Maybe too close!


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25 de enero de 2008, 16:00
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Ponce es uno de esos pueblos que debería tener un Borders.