Puerto Rico Portal

I was researching a new post I came across a new section on Wikipedia, well although it's not new, I've never seen it before so it's new to me. It's called the Puerto Rico Portal. It is kind of an index or starting page that organizes Puerto Rico-related entries together.

First, the the portal includes information about Puerto Rico organized by these categories History, Politics, Geography, Economy, Society, Culture, Ecology, and a catch all Other. But it also has some additional areas that provide a nice glimpse into Puerto Rico. In these areas you'll find featured content, what's in the news, selected anniversaries, selected quotes, selected pictures, and a selected article.

As always in Wikipedia-land the portal is maintained by volunteers. So if you'd like to see something added to the portal than snag yourself a Wikipedia registration and start editing. Most of the editing has been done by Wikipedia user Mtmelendez (Cool job dude!), but according to his profile page he is now without an Internet connection, thanks to PRTC, so let's pitch in and keep the portal up to date. There is a Spanish version of the portal, but it features less content.