NORCECA Showdown in Caguas

Go Picky! Go Picky!Well it's all come down to this. Tonight at 8:00 p.m. Puerto Rico will meet the United States (as predicted here) to determine the winner of the 2008 NORCECA Men’s Continental Olympic Qualification Championship. The winner will go to Bejing China in August to participate in the 2008 Olympics and the loser will watch from home and cry in their beer.

While the Puerto Rican National team had a big scare in defeating Mexico in 5 sets on Wednesday, yesterday they rebounded with a straight sets defeat of Canada. Statistically they enter the championship game an underdog, both in ranking and in points allowed in this tournament. So if our guys are going to emerge victorious they will have to be very stingy in allowing the U.S. to score points. In the end, the team that earns the most points will win. Baha, no seriously. This is the biggest game of our team's young lives, let's hope they dominate and take full advantage of their home court.