Final Report: NORCECA Men’s Olympic Qualifier

USA Wins, $%#&!The Puerto Rico Mens National Volleyball team failed in their attempt to go to the 2008 Olympics by losing to the United States in straight sets. In what can only be described as impressive, the U.S. team swept through the tournament never losing one set. You could say that they certainly defended their 3rd world ranking.

What can you say? It was a long tournament and the Puerto Rico team showed poise and resolve to make it into the final game. We have a lot to be proud of coming in second place, I wonder if there will be any voluntary invitations available for the Olympics. Often times they reserve at-large opening for teams that should be invited. I can't imagine that the P.R. team has damaged their 8th place world ranking. Maybe the Beijing Olympic Committee will throw us an "¡Ay Bendito!" invitation to Beijing. Ahh wishful, comfortable thinking.

In other action on Friday, Cuba defeated Canada to obtain third position in the tournament. Puerto Rico and Cuba earned the right to participate in one last Olympic qualification tournament. At this time, there is no news of when or where that tournament will take place.