Speaking of words

Yeah, speaking of words. With the Paseo de Caribe project dom-i-nat-ing the headlines, there just aren't enough bad words to describe how I feel about the situation or how to describe it, but here's a start:

disgust, indignation, remorse, sullen, powerless, disdain, embarrassed, destroyed, damaged, pessimistic, cheated, screwed, provoked, shocked, intolerant, inept, corrupt, dismal, putrid, sad, anger, enraged, confused, doubtful, distrustful, disappointed, affronted, irate, annoyed, antagonized, bitter, hate, chafed, cross, repugnance, displeased, exacerbated, detest, exasperated, furious, galled, heated, hot, ill-tempered, impassioned, incensed, indignant, inflamed, infuriated, irritated, maddened, offended, outrage, resentful, riled, sore, sulky, nauseous, objection, revolt, revulsion.

Feel free to add your own.



13 de diciembre de 2007, 12:35
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I wrote two profanity laden posts to my blog about this but decided not to post. What a bunch of limp-dicked wimps we have "leading" the government!