Rush indulgences and lessons for the music industry

Rush is a band!Like Gabriel, Rush is one of my all-time favorite bands, so the news of their upcoming San Juan show has ignited my inner child and I've surrendered to his passion. So I've been going crazy watching all of the Rush videos I can find on YouTube and catching up on all of the group gossip.

I've found some pretty cool things that I thought I'd pass along to all my fellow Rush-heads in honor of the upcoming concert. And speaking of concert, I've learned the date for the show. So mark you calendars for the Canadian invasion, Friday April 11th Rush will storm the stage at the Choliseo. Rumor has it the band is reserving April 12th for a second show if the demand is there. So let's show the rock world Puerto Rico's appreciation for Rush honoring us with the kick-off concert of the next leg of the Snakes and Arrows tour. Let's spread the word to all of our Rock and Roll friends and demand a second Rush show!

This fortunate timing of learning of the concert on Christmas, has allowed me the guiltless time to pursue this indulgence and the Internet has been an incredible enabler. Besides YouTube, I've come across the Rush Is A Band website which a virtual time capsule of Rush fanaticism. My heartfelt congratulations on a great site. I'm just now working my way through the great blog, and there are still the tour archive, tour set lists, and many other goodies to consume.

The online world terrifies most people in the music, television, and movie industries. It is a new wild frontier, where the old rules and paradigms no longer work. Rules that made these industries extremely rich during the hey days between 1980 and 2000. However, what doesn't make sense to me is how the industry executives have become so terrified, that they're unwilling to use strategies that were successful during those hey days. For example, Music Television, MTV, was a hallmark of the explosion of CD's during the late 1980's and 1990's. When MTV used to play videos, consumers could enjoy watching those videos for free. If you had a VCR, you could record them and watch them at your own convenience.

But now that the big bad Internet has replaced television and VCR's all of a sudden labels don't want their artists videos appearing online because consumers might get their hands on them. WTF? It seems to me that indulging (what I'm currently reveling in) in their customers desire to experience an artists videos, concert videos, and interviews is only going to drive them (me) to purchase new CD's, DVD's and concert tickets. Just like it did during the hey days. Anyway, thank goodness, that Rush's label Universal Music Group has seen the light and you'll find a cornucopia of Rush videos on YouTube.

So for those you who want to do your own preparation for the upcoming show I offer you some of the better videos I've watched:

  • From a hour long Rush Hour television show from 1987, this series of videos is an incredible set of videos and interviews. The show is divided into six parts, here is the playlist to watch all six.
  • Another great interview set is for Neil Peart, where he discusses his involvement with Burning for Buddy a tribute to Buddy Rich. The video is entitled "Live On Life with John Oakley, Neil Peart Interview Part 1 of 4", Burning For Buddy Vol.II Era. You'll have to follow the links to the other three parts of the interview.
  • As I mentioned, the Universal Music Group (UMG) Music Video Channel offers a great set of high quality Rush videos, including some original music videos and some choice live videos.
  • But perhaps the best signal that the music executives above Rush get it, is the huge number of fan posted video concert footage from the Snakes and Arrows tour. Of course the quality of most of them is pretty crappy, cellphone and drunken hand held coverage you know, but they provide an excellent hint of what we can expect in April. They capture the ambience of a concert and really get the adrenaline going. A quick search for "Snakes and Arrows" should give you a good selection. Enjoy!



31 de enero de 2008, 20:48
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Hey im 17 i've been a fan since i was 15, i found this blog looking for myspace people who had rush on their music list because my friends dont even know what rush is, im so exited for this because at last a band that i rly wanna see is coming here, this will be my second concert my first was Fiel a la vega (if u know what that is) when i was 12, i sure hope there's a second show thanks for your blog i found it rly good :)