¡Isla de la Muerte!

Coming Soon: Puerto Rico Thing FestivalIn a story that just cries out for some special attention, the infamous cartoon book heroes the Fantastic Four are coming to Puerto Rico to battle the, ... get ready for it ... you know it's going to be a good one ... could it be the famed injustices we Puerto Ricans can sense ... No ... could it be police brutality ... No ... could it be corruption in Government ... No ...give up yet ... yes the Fab Four are coming to our island of Borinquen to battle the ... Chupacabra. Yes our, now world renowned, goat sucker will be immortalized doing battle with The Thing, Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman and the Human Torch. Wow, I wonder who owns the movie rights? This could be huge.

"It arrived in Puerto Rico more than 10 years ago."

"It kills animals by sucking their blood and then escapes without a trace."

"Many believe they've seen it, but no one has been able to capture the Chupacabras."
The comic book, which will be available in both English and Spanish versions, will go on sale December 26th. The title for the comic book will be "Fantastic Four: ¡Isla de la Muerte!" or "Los 4 Fantásticos: ¡Isla de la Muerte! Edición Boricua en Español."

The story line roughly follows The Thing traveling to a [get this] fictional annual festival in honor of The Thing in Old San Juan. But let's not sell ourselves short here, I'm sure after the comic book launches some numbskull will get the brilliant idea to turn the festival into reality. Hey, who ever said that fiction had to be stranger than life?

According to the story, The Thing escapes to the island every year, but this time he is followed by Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch. "When The Thing visits the island for the first time, the people embraced him because he looks just like [the Spanish fort called] El Morro."

After a series of embarrassing situations for The Thing, the Chupacabras attacks start. LOL, that sounds just too good of a setup line, "After a series of embarrassing situations for [fill in the blank with the name of your most despised Puerto Rican political leader], the Chupacabras attacks start.

According to the comic's artist, Juan Doe, "Puerto Rico is literally one of the main characters in the book, it is the stage of our story and is filled with many little references that pay homage to the island and its spirit." As far as what the Chupacabra will look like, Doe explains that: "I basically took what was out there in regards to the popular beliefs of what the [they] looked like and meshed it all together to create something that had some basis in real life. I imagined them as an undiscovered species more than something akin to aliens or monsters."

The big questions at this point are "Will the Fantastic Four capture the dreaded Chupacabras? ", "How will the Puerto Rico Tourism Company spin this?", and "If offended, will Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila demand an apology from the Fantastic Four?"



4 de diciembre de 2007, 00:19
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Hehe. I am hoping Lily García did some editorial oversight. Tom Beland has done some of the best Puerto Rico portrayals in comics I have read so I am hopeful.
I remember Puertorricans in Nightmask and other titles in the 70's and 80's recycled the West Side Story plot and did nothing more. Even worse was a Marvel Comics Presents story starring Rick Jones that not only portrayed Boricuas as morons, the artwork and locations seemed to reference Haiti!
Do you know if the Tourism or other agencies are involved in this book on ir True Stories Swear to God? Its a natural fit for publicity to a potentially profitable audience. Prolly better spent money than that crap Lifetime movie.

Speaking Boricua

4 de diciembre de 2007, 20:53
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I had just about the same reaction in my blog, but condensed.

I've been looking through your blog and it's hilarious! I also like your writing style. I am going to add you.

Thanks for making me laugh today.