George Bush and Democracy

For those of you that think I must be a Republican lapdog think again. I am all for truth and integrity in government, regardless of party, something which has been sorely lacking for the past 7 years. It is disappointing to me that I have come to the conclusion that this President may be deserving of impeachment. The most recent disclosure as to the "reassessment" of Iran's nuclear intentions is distressing to say the least. Such revelations are extremely distructive to our image as a free and democratic nation. The World loses confidence in our leadership and essentially, our word. No one should look further than the lack of leadership in the Administration to place the blame. No President in modern history has had such a negative impact on the international community's view of the United States. No President in modern history has been so blatantly lacking of intellectual capacity (this is a nice way of saying he is basically stupid). No President in modern history has been surrounded with such incompetency and corruption.

If it is found that this President knew of the revised intelligence report in regards to Iran's nuclear intentions and yet continued to beat the war drum, I believe it is grounds for impeachment. Funding for Iraq is no excuse, particularly given the trumped up grounds for that folly. Remember, if you lie about information, even if you did nothing wrong, that is a crime. If the President of the United States engaged in such conduct, he should be impeached. A democracy is little different from a dictatorship when its leaders manipulate truth and reality. I hope Congress has the backbone to investigate this and let the chips fall where they may.