CompUSA to shut down after holidays

CompUSA, Sad to see you go!In what shouldn't be too shocking of news, although it was, CompUSA has announced that the restructuring firm Gordon Brothers Group has purchased the chain for an undisclosed sum and will sell or close its 103 stores after the U.S. holidays, CompUSA said Friday.

Alright, I got to fess up to this one. Back in March when CompUSA announced the closing of 126 stores, I predicted that the Puerto Rico stores would be spared. I missed altogether the possibility that Carlos Slim Helu would give up altogether on the company and cut his losses.

We're lucky though. We won't be without access to an electronics superstore for too long. With the imminent opening of Circuit City in San Patricio and Best Buy at Plaza Las Americas later next year, we'll still be able to enjoy some healthy competition to keep prices low. What an unexpected bonus for the two new stores though. They will both definitely benefit from not having to battle an incumbent leader in CompUSA.

Now only two questions remain. When will the markdowns begin? And will Mrs Don Dees let me blow some money on some crap during the merchandise liquidation?



11 de diciembre de 2007, 21:58
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I feel sorry for the employees. Most seemed above Radio Shack level knowledge, hope they get work on the new chains opening. I hear Claro will take up some of the retail space for their own retail operations.
As far as the store and its merchandise? Even after shipping, prices were substantially higher than some Puerto Rico friendly websites (like Newegg). And locally, Walmart, Costco and OfficeMax usually offered better prices. No need for a Doctor Shopper, just a phone or Sunday/Wednesday newspaper.
I also suspect there won't be a lot of price markdowns, this time of the year people just buy if its on a shelf. They should unload most of their stock without heavy discounting.