All digital marketing in 10 years! Really?

Steve Ballmer imitates local Burger King AdLeave it to a nutcase like Steve Ballmer to take it too far. I mean what is this guys problem? I guess he just can't get himself out of the shadow of Bill Gates. I mean it's got to burn his britches pretty bad to be only the 33rd richest person in the world, instead of dueling Carlos Slim Helu for first. Hehe, it probably even makes his blood boil to know that the young upstarts from Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page have also passed him. But I digress.

A lot of the computer fanatics in the world blame Bill Gates for all of the evil Microsoft has wrought. I personally blame Steve-o. In my book, I place him just below Dick Cheney and Larry Ellison on the "Evil Dick" list. And it's quite often that when old Steve-o opens his mouth a putrid smell erupts, and is often accompanied by crazy talk. Want to see an example of what many trained psychiatrists called schizophrenia? Hello, am I the only one who thinks that his clock is wound too tight? Anyway, onto the point of this whole rant.

In a recent media event in Paris, Microsoft CE-O Steve-o proclaimed that "All marketing will be digital sometime in the next 10 years." Now for a simple computer programmer like me, I can see myself going off the deep-end and making a prediction like that, but a CE-O of one of the world's largest and most successful businesses? Pleeeeaaassse! I mean, I remember when I caught the open source bug, I thought that commercial software would disappear from the face of the planet. But I quickly came back to my senses and remembered that technology is defiantly difficult to eradicate. While we think that newspapers, magazines, and billboards do not represent technology, we merely indicate how spoiled we are to be living in the early 21st century. Lest we forget that there was a time when the printing press was the cutting edge of new technology.

While I'm the biggest pollito predicting that the local advertising sky is falling in a maelstrom of change, I'm not so dense to believe that over 54% of local advertising will transition to digital, or over 41% in the United States. That my friends, is plain and simple wishful thinking aimed at rationalizing Microsoft's recent acquisitions and emerging online advertising aspirations. While it makes for a good sound bite or "pull-out quote" in a newspaper article, let's say maybe even a pull out quote in a recent article in El Nuevo Dia, it simply will not happen in 10 years. Don't get me wrong though, I DO agree with Steve-o, he's just got the wrong time period.



13 de diciembre de 2007, 08:46
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Monkey boy seems to be saying in that picture "Look at my juicy all digital Big Mac! Yum!" Alright, let me read the article, and maybe I'll have something intelligent to say. :-)