TiTo KaYaK - Fashionista de Puerto Rico!

TiTo KaYaK Hoody, Ramón “Tonito” Zayas/ENDTito Kayak is again proving to be a fashion icon. He introduced his most recent "urban wannabe terrorist" line by climbing a crane frequented by real protesters. Shrewdly, he managed to get both the Puerto Rico courts and police to support his PR campaign by staging a simulated court hearing and "order" to come down delivered by the police. What a show! He even had a stand in actor who played his attorney, all with the support of the local bar association. Once all the local press was on board with the charade, he staged a daring descent from the crane into the hands of his band of merrymen dressed in his new clothing line. They then set off in (what a surprise) KAYAKS to demonstrate the versatile nature of the line that comes complete with a "hoody" to protect the wearer from the elements and to add a sense of mystery.

Finally, the Keystone Cops (aka Puerto Rico's finest) provided a spot light to provide an exit worthy of Nono Maldanado. To the crowd's delight, TiTo and his merrymen "escaped" by disappearing under a bridge, only to be greeted by Anibal dressed in his trademark $4000 suit. What a great bunch of guys!

Hats off to TiTo! He will surely provide the economic boost Puerto Rico deserves with his new clothing line. Pssst! There is already a rumor that he plans on outsourcing to the Chinese.



18 de noviembre de 2007, 17:32
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So glad to see level headed realistic comments about Alberto Monkey DeJesus. I am really sick and tired of the local lionizing of his criminal acts. The bastard has no plans, no proposals no ideas. His group is suppose to be environmentalist right? Where the f*ck where they a couple of months ago during the oil spill in the south? I don't recall them either raising awareness to the plight or the area or helping with the cleanup efforts! No, he is as bad as Rosello, maybe worse. Another idiot with a Messiah complex.
I hope some day a decent reporter will try and look behind the facade. Check his finances and those of his network. Follow the money, follow who he really works for. It will be enlightening.