Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

On this Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico, give thanks for the following, the order is not terribly important (feel free to add your own, its like medicine):

Give thanks for your family. In good times or bad, the are the most important thing you have. They are what makes life worth living in the end.

Give thanks for another hurricane free year. We have witnessed nature's strength and the resulting loss of life and we should say a prayer for those who were not so fortunate.

Give thanks that you live in a place with wonderful weather year round, with sandy beaches, blue water, and tropical breezes. It makes the rest bearable.

Give thanks for people who feed and shelter abandoned animals, who volunteer in Special Olympics, who participate in beach cleanups, who help the poor and elderly, to name a few. They are the best of us.

Give thanks that you live in a place where we have a "real" vote, the right to disagree with the Government, and to practice any religion (or not to practice) we see fit. Far too many people in the World have none of these rights.

Give thanks to the tens of thousands of young men and women serving in the military, many of whom have given the ultimate sacrifice in protecting those rights. Whether you agree with the war in Iraq and Afganistan, say a prayer for their safe return. They are our sons and daughter, brothers and sisters, cousins and grandchildren, wives and husbands. They deserve an honored moment of thanks.

Give thanks for what you have. It may not seem like much, but I promise you that there are far more with far less. And remember, there will always be someone with more, and someone with less, but in the end, we are all equally biodegradable.

Give thanks to people who exhibit little acts of kindness. It has an interesting effect of rippling throughout society.

Finally, give thanks to your Mom and Dad. Many of the World's children have neither. I was lucky, I had two of the best.

God Bless you all and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


MC Don Dees

22 de noviembre de 2007, 09:57
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Couldn't have said it any better myself. I'm thankful you took the time to share this with everyone...I guess the BIG DOG isn't all growl and snarl.

Antigonum Cajan

16 de agosto de 2009, 08:40
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I write a blog, thank GOD, about the reality in Puerto Rico, without
blindfolds, ideal,subjective,unreal
this is not the way the cookie
crumbles in the SAN JUAN METRO AREA.