October Traffic for DóndeEs.com

Here's something to think about. If traffic is the evidence that a website is valuable, then why don't any local (all?) websites publish their traffic numbers? Consider some of the following analogies... If DóndeEs.com was a band, it would be common knowledge how many copies of our latest CD we had sold. If we were an author (which we are, of course ;-D) of books, then we would be ecstatic to be listed among the New York Times bestsellers, and the number of books we had sold would also be public knowledge. It would be the same if we were professional athletes of any kind, our "value" would be expressed through our statistics. Finally, publicly owned companies have their books exposed quarterly in their reports to the Security Exchange Commission and their stock price is freely available. So why not website traffic numbers? It seems to me, that if a companies' success (read significant revenue streams) is dependent upon traffic, they should have to disclose their traffic statistics.

In keeping with our dedication to transparency, I'd like to share our latest statistics. During the month of October, www.dondees.com received 27,856 unique visitors. That averages out to 899 unique visitors daily, a 23.9% increase over September's traffic. Each of those visitors accessed an average of 5.16 pages per visit for a total number of 143,612 page views. That averages out to 4,633 page views per day, a 10.2% increase from September. We are extremely pleased and proud of this achievement. It even makes most people go "Whaaaattt!" when we share that we accomplished this level of success with little or nothing spent on advertising or promotion. Not even one little crappy sign posted along our visually polluted roads.

How does stack up to other websites in Puerto Rico. Uhh,,, who knows? Since more websites don't publish their traffic, we are left using the only means of comparison available to us, Alexa.com. Here is a graph comparing www.dondees.com to some other popular websites in Puerto Rico: