No Te Duermas and Telemundo Join YouTube

Well, well, well. It seems that someone locally has finally coped a clue about what we've talking about. Or not to take too much credit, what has been happening all over the place, the merging (or converging, if you prefer) between television and the Internet. It seems that about a month ago, as best as I can tell by the 97 videos already available, No Te Duermas and Telemundo launched a YouTube channel for the popular television show.

I applaud the producers of NTD and the leadership they have shown, have you seen their MySpace page? This is a perfect example of understanding that releasing your content (your product) into the zillions of ways your target audience can connect with and bond with your brand, is the only way to stay relevant in today's hyperactive market. Throwing up walls around your products, your company, your leaders is just plain stupid! Markets are conversations! If you're conversing with your customers (past, present, & future) then you have a chance to survive (even yes, possibly, thrive). If you stay silent, everyone will continue to converse, the only difference is that they will be talking about you, not to you.

It seems that NTD has really committed to this fully. As an example, here is a show, only two days old that is already available: