National Geographic pans P.R. as island destination

Hmmmm. Second time in five years that National Geographic has picked on us. What's up? Can't they see past the concrete, murders and muggings, polluted streams and beaches, more concrete, panhandlers (this includes the peewee baseball teams), TiTo Kayak, Puerto Rico souveniers made in China, fast food, poor service, expensive taxi's plus more poor service, more concrete, a decaying Old San Juan with paved over 400 year old ballast stones (so much for federal law enforcement), excessive smog, and anti-gringo sentiment.

I mean, come on, we are like Bali, right? We are dripping in culture like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, Uno's, Starbucks, and COSTCO. The tourists can interact with the friendly drug addicts at the church next to El Convento and admire the frequent protest from chowder heads who can't read but can recognize the colors red, blue, and green. Why can't they see past the peeling paint in Old San Juan, the litter on the beaches, the black soot blasting from the trucks in defiance of the EPA, and just enjoy a nice stop-and-go drive out to Rincon to see more concrete and swim in polluted waters. Stop picking on us! If you don't quit we are going to become independent and then we are really going to show you a paradise.