Adding an Event - Events Part II

A while ago (Damn has 8 months gone by so quickly?) I introduced our "one of kind" calendar of geo-located events. What I didn't introduce at that time, was that this event calendar was open to the public. Using the very same tools we use to populate the event database, anyone can insert their own geo-located event. This post will explain how to add an event, but before that a little word of caution.

Before you decide that you want to add an event into the Dó calendar, consider whether you would like tens of thousands of people to know about your event, and know exactly where it is located. We understand perfectly the value of sharing with people exactly where an event is located, but personal weddings and birthday parties are probably left private.

However, something we have been considering is to build a private events and locations feature. This would allow a registered user of Dó to map out their own locations, create private events, and send personal invitations to "friends". If that's something you might be interested, tell us how you might use it by leaving a comment.

Location, location, location
The first step in adding an event into Dó is choosing (or finding) the location. And with our new improved interface, that is easier than ever. As always, I find it easiest to explain how to do something by using an example. So let's start with searching for the location for New Dó search formmy event.

  1. From the main page enter a few keywords in the "¿Que buscas en Puerto Rico?" text field. In my example, I'm looking for the Pabellón de Paz in Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera. So I just enter "paz", hoping that will be unique enough to find my location.

    Just a quick note, the search only uses the names of locations, so try to include a least one of the words in the title of the location you're looking for.

  2. Location search resultsClick on the "Buscar" button. The search will return two lists. The list down the left hand side of the web page are hits on locations in our database. The list to the right of that list (underneath the map) is the hits from our custom search engine of Puerto Rico websites.
Adding an Event

Once you've found the location for your event, you need to add the event to the location. This will require opening the bubble for the location. Do that by either clicking on the pushpin or clicking on the name of the location in the list of "Locales/Negocios encontradas:" Within the bubble are a few tools along the upper right hand side of the bubble. They include "Añadir evento", "Enviar a amigo", "Enviar a móvil", and "Como llegar".
  1. With the bubble open for the desired location, click on the "Location toolsAñadir evento" tool. Within the bubble, the map will present the "Añada su evento" web form.
  2. The first required field is the category. Select the most appropriate category from the pull-down list. If you don't see an exact match consider using "Activity", which is a catch-all choice. My sample event was a concert, so I picked, well, I selected "Concert".
  3. The next required field is the title of the event. Enter the title of the event in the text box. I entered "Vive Cultura Atardecer En Los Parques" for my event.
  4. Next, use the pull-down menus to select the date of the event. The start date is mandatory, but the ending date is not. So if it is a single day event, then just enter that start date and leave the second date in blank.

    However, if the event runs over a couple of days, like a conference or convention, then enter both the start and finish date. Make sure to fill in the correct month and year for both entries.

    In my sample event, it is a single day event, so I simply entered 10 in the month, 7 in the day, and 2007 in the year.
  5. The only remaining required fields are Dó event entry web formthe contact name and email for the event activation e-mail message.

    I'll explain why those fields are so important in a moment, just be sure to enter an active email account to which you have access.

  6. There are several fields that are optional (Horario, Descripción de actividad, Teléfono(s), Website), so if you have the appropriate information, go ahead and add it to the event.

    A couple notes about entering some of the data:
    - When entering the phone numbers do not use () or "-", just enter the 10 digit phone number.
    - When entering the website, do not include the prefix "http://", just enter the URL For example for my event, I entered "".
"I Did It!"

If you have successfully entered the event, the form will prompt you with the following message:
"Gracias por la información del evento.
Favor de verificar su correo electrónico. Le enviamos un
email con un enlace para activar el evento.

Gracias de nuevo.
Equipo de"
If you don't receive this message, right click within the bubble and select the back option. This will return you to your completed form. Double-check all of the required fields and resubmit.

If successful, click the x in the upper right hand corner to close the window. However, if you would like to activate multiple events for the same location, here's a little trick: Right click inside the bubble and select "Back". This will return you back to the event registration form. Remember to change the date, time, description of the event, and, if necessory, the category of the event.

Email Activation

When you check your email, you should see a message from The contents of the message should be similar to this:
"Usted esta recibiendo este email porque usted o alguien usando su
email hizo un requisito para colocar un evento en nuestra página.

Si usted no fue, favor de ignorar este email.

El evento que se esta sometiendo es:
Vive Cultura Atardecer En Los Parques

Para concluir con el proceso de añadir su evento a nuestra página
favor de hacer clic en el enlace:

De necesitar modificar alguna información de su evento favor de
enviar un email a: El número de referencia es: 691

Si necesitas ayuda favor de enviar un email a:

Click on the link listed after "favor de hacer clic en el enlace". This will activate the event within the event database. Until you complete this step, the event will not be active and will not appear on the location, nor in the events page. To see how to access the event, please refer to my previous post.

Well that's all folks. If you'd like to see how my event looks, then locate the Pabellón de Paz in Parque Luis Muñoz, and then click on the "Eventos" tab within the bubble.