Thanks for staying home this winter!

Thanks Bro...There is a new report being picked up by many newspapers and appearing in blogs around the United States that the Caribbean is suffering from a decline in tourism. According to the report, U.S. tourists are tired of the turquoise waters and white-sand beaches of the Caribbean. All I have to say is Hallelujah! As a resident of Puerto Rico, I have to admit that I'm tired of sharing our warm weather and beautiful beaches with tourists. I mean really, it's about time we got to enjoy them all to ourselves. I'd say it makes perfect sense that everyone living in Boston, New York, Michigan, and other notoriously wicked winter locales would prefer staying home in February than coming to lay on the beach and have the warm waters of the Caribbean lap at your toes. I say, more power to you, someone has to endure those freezing mornings and shovel all that snow. I'm glad they prefer those activities instead of hiking through El Yunque, it only means less tourists on the trails.

I guess the thinking goes that once you've swam in the bath water warm waves in San Juan and dipped into the cool mountain streams of El Yunque after a hot afternoon of hiking in January, there is nothing else to do. I guess for us locals it's our gain that they haven't heard about the world class surfing on the east coast, the twenty-some golf courses, the horseback riding on the beaches, or the 14th century architecture and history spread out all over the island. Man if U.S. tourists learned about all of the different experiences available in Puerto Rico, they'd want to come back and then we'd have to share it with them.

While I am a resident I wasn't always. I grew up in Indiana, where the winters are bleak and sometimes the cold never breaks for weeks or months at a time. I remember one Christmas Eve going out to visit friends and the temperature was 70 degrees below 0, with the wind chill factor included, of course. Still, the wind was so strong and the cold so sharp that when you stepped outside it literally took your breath away. I can only imagine someone suggesting to me at that time...."Hey let's beat these winter blues and head down to the Caribbean!" I'm sure my response would have been, as I was gasping for air under three layers of clothes: "No way man, we were just down there last year and I'm getting used to this numb feeling in my hands and toes!"
Wishing you were here.....Not!
So to all those people who prefer scraping ice off of your window everyday before and after work, I say, "Thank you!" Thanks for enduring the brutal task of shoveling two feet of snow off your driveway so you can go and buy some milk. Somebody has to live in these inhospitable places during the winter, I mean it's not like you can just pick-up and fly somewhere with 80+ degree weather all year round and thaw out for a while. I guess that's what happens after too much cold, you just stop remembering how glorious it feels to run around in a swimsuit drinking a beer on the beach. For that, I'm thankful, it just means less crowded beaches and more beer to go around. Poor, poor pitiful me!

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Gil C. Schmidt

5 de septiembre de 2007, 11:27
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Now THAT might be a good Tourism slogan: "Stay home and shove(l) it!"

I'd love to see Us use it. Nothing like a little in-your-face truth to wake up the masses...and let Me chortle.