Successful effort to clean Puerto Rico's coasts

Keep our beaches clean...Lead by Alberto Marti, president of Scuba Dogs, 9,457 volunteers fanned out across Puerto Rico last Saturday to participate in International Clean the Coast day, which I announced here before. The army of volunteers were able to clean over 121 different locations; locations that varied from beaches, rivers, lakes, mangroves, to bays and estuaries. In total there were over 170 miles of coast cleaned during the day.

In total, almost 380,000 pounds of trash were collected during the event, leaving many wondering where so much trash came from. According to Marti, he believes that 80% of the trash did not originate from maritime activities, but was probably thrown there from inland. Of course, one of the side effects of this colossal effort, or at least Marti hopes, is that people awaken their conscience and convert into part of the solution by proactively eliminate the problem of contamination.

This year's effort exceeds the efforts of last years coast clean-up. Last year 8,900 volunteers cleaned up 335,903 pounds of trash from 104 different locations. Personally, I hope (which I think they will) the annual participation continues to rise. I commend Marti for his leadership and congratulate everybody that participated. I second Marti's wish that these events strike at the heart of the pollution problem we have on our beaches and waterways. It would be better to not dirty our beaches in the first place, then maybe we won't need over 10,000 volunteers. However, considering how oblivious most of our fellow residents are of their actions and behavior, I'm afraid we will be depending on Marti for a long time to come.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: yasmapaz