Soccer Splash with a twist

On the weekend of September 29th and 30th, Sacred Heart University will host Soccer Splash. Only this time, different from past soccer events in PR, this event will take place on Sacred Heart's cancha de arena (typically reserved for beach volleyball). That means that all players will be barefoot during the play of the games, ouch.

The tournament will be a double elimination format, where each game will be two halves of 12 minutes long, with an intermission of 3 minutes. Coaches can substitute liberally, although since each team is limited to only 5 players, there won't be much opportunity. Each team will consist of 1 goalie, 3 players, and 1 substitute.

There will be a maximum number of 32 teams for the Splash. There will be 16 teams in the under 12 masculine category, and 8 teams each in the under 14 masculine and feminine categories. Registration is $75 per team and includes a commemorative t-shirt of the event for each player.

There will be first and second prizes for each category. The prizes will include a trophy for the team and $300 for first place, and $150 for second place. For more information call (787) 662-8719.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: Travis Hornung