Guided video tours of Old San Juan now available within Dó

Earlier this year a young company called EyeTour Puerto Rico launched a new web site offering guided video tours of Puerto Rico. Their stated goal is to offer video tours which can be downloaded onto iPods and other hand-held video players. The first set of videos cover a few of the major tourist attractions in Old San Juan.

Soon after launching their web site the company launched a channel on the popular video sharing web site YouTube. Currently they have 12 videos available. Six of the videos are either instructional or promotions, and the other six videos offer a few of the videos available from their website.

Here is an example of one of the videos:

Well, since these videos are available within YouTube and they are configured so that YouTube users can share them, we here at Dó are happy to do just that, share them with our users. Here's a list of the locations that now feature guided video tours: