Fun stories that hit me today...

Dona Chepa's view of horse racingPuerto Rican mare extends losing streak to 125 races

It seems a local race horse has broken the streak for the longest number of races without a win. Dona Chepa, a 9-year-old brown mare, finished last in a six-horse field at Camarero Racetrack in eastern Puerto Rico on Wednesday, a 125th consecutive loss that is believed to be the longest in horse racing history.

Track spokesman Joe Bruno said Wednesday's loss surpasses an equine losing record of 0-124 set by Australian horse Ouroene, who raced from 1976-83.

There is no world governing body that tracks lack of success for horses, but Dona Chepa's penchant for losing at least beats other notable marks for futility, including Ouroene, Gloria Springs (106, Japan), Thrust (105, North America) and Quixall Crossett (103, Britain).

Dona Chepa, which comes from a distinguished line of champion racers, began her woeful ways on Valentine's Day in 2001. The closest she came to victory was in May 2003, when she finished second, Bruno said.

El Nuevo Dia wishes everyone Peace

I'm really not sure what to think about this beautiful gesture on the part of El Nuevo Dia. On the cover of today's paper was a local celebrity asking for peace. The celebrity they picked is without a doubt a national hero and is known in every household. And what do you think that celebrities claim to fame is?

He's a boxer....
Peace be with you..., or I'll break your nose!

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