Caguas to host FotoMaratón 2007

Detached MasterpieceLater this month, on September 29th, Walgreens Pharmacy and the Municipality of Caguas will host the 18th edition of the FotoMaratón. This annual event offers an opportunity for photography enthusiasts to practice and compete in a local photography contest. The contest migrates from municipality to municipality every year, and now its Caguas' turn. This year, the competition is open to photographers with digital cameras, as well as traditional 35mm cameras. Categories for the competition include: Children (up to 14 years old), Teenagers (15 - 18), College Students, Adults, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts.

Registration for the FotoMaratón is currently open at Walgreens all over Puerto Rico. The registration carries a $15 fee (plus IVU) and the forms are available in the pharmacy at the photography counter. The registration fee covers for traditional 35mm camera owners 1 roll of Studio 35 Walgreens Asa 200 with 24 exposures and the development and printing of the roll of film. Participants with a digital camera will receive the printing of 24 digital images from a CD. Upon registration, each participant will receive the rules and instructions for the contest. Some of the instructions are available on the Caguas Municipality web portal.

The event will kick-off at 9:00 am at the Caguas Sports Complex. On the morning of the event, upon arriving at the Sports Complex, you will have present your Registration Form to the registry table and the contest organizers will provide a guide of Caguas. The guide describes places of interest around the municipality.

For 35mm analog contestants, they will have until 9:00 pm on the 29th to deliver their roll of film to any of the four Caguas Walgreens locations. The roll will be developed and then you'll have from October 15th to 19th to collect the developed roll and select the photographs to enter into the contest.

For digital camera contestants, they will have until October 19th to select 24 images and place them on a CD. They must then deliver the CD to a Walgreens store and have the 24 images printed. Then as above, deliver the images before the deadline of the competition.

Note: there is no limit to the number of images submitted to the contest. Extra rolls of film can be purchased and developed at the cost of the participant. For digital camera contestants, at their own expense they can produce more than one CD and print the images and then submit as many images as desired.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: notme2000