1er Circuito Internacional de Ciclismo

Breaking away....Oh yes, you knew this day was coming. After repeatedly seeing them riding around in their shiny shorts and multi-colored shirts, and maybe a little bit of attitude too, the street cyclists around the island finally have their own international event.

Starting this Friday, September 7th, and running through Sunday, September 9th, Guaynabo, the newly crowned "Capital del Ciclismo en Puerto Rico" will host the first ever Circuito Internacional de Ciclismo" on Carretera 834.

The event will take place in three stages. The first stage on Friday will be 9 kilometers, the second stage will be a basically flat circuit of only 5 kilometers (with the elite riders completing 19 laps for a total of 94.24 kilometers), and the event will conclude with a 8 kilometer circuit (with the elites completing 13 laps for a total of 102.44 kilometers). Prizes will be awarded for the event and there will also be general prizes for those that compete in each of the daily events. On Sunday there will be competition for the categories that don't participate in the three day event, for the public in general, and for children.

The routes for the three days are available, courtesy of the Asociación de Ciclismo de Puerto Rico. We here at DóndeEs.com would like to commend the association for their use of GPS technology to help their community visualize the race circuit, maybe next year we can host the maps for them....hint, hint....;-)

Registration for the event will close on Thursday, the 6th of September at 12:00 noon. You can complete the registration online at the web site for the Asociación de Ciclismo de Puerto Rico, payment will be through PayPal.

Despite having participation from teams from the United States, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, the event will also feature entertainment as well. Some of the artists planned for the event include:
  • DJ Emir Cedeño
  • Andicito Montañez y su Orquesta
  • Raphy Levitt y La Selecta
  • and the obligatory Festival de Trovadores.
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