Wanna get a cup o' Java?

Tomorrow Starbucks Coffee (Estado Cofe) and Restaurante Picalo are sponsoring a benefit for "Forjando un Nuevo Comienzo" (SNAFU, in it's initials in English). The event, which will take place in the Restaurante Picalo in Guaynabo, will start at 3:00 p.m. That's right just in time for a coffeee break, how convenient!

Attendees will have an opportunity to try coffee from Latin Americ, Africa, Arabia, and Asian Pacific as well as help contribute to el non-profit Forjando un Nuevo Comienzo. The non-profit is dedicated to help young adults who've dropped out of school and have previous legal problems to overcome their background and re-enter the working community.

For information and tickets call (787) 603-9962 or (787) 731-5480.