The Men of Playgirl

We've come along way Puerto Rico. I imagine that just a few decades ago this type of show would never have graced our show, but today from Sexo Expo to the Male Reveu of the Men of Playgirl, you have to admit that attitudes are changing. I personally blame Reggaeton, but don't get me started.

Yes, ladies and let's not forget gentlemen, direct from Las Vegas, Matrix Events is bringing to Puerto Rico the premier ladies night experience. In a style unseen before, this show will combine choreography, elaborate costume, comedy, with singing and acrobatic dancing.

While this show has been seen before millions of women in more than 25 countries, including presentations on VH1, MTV, HBO and GQ Magazine, I'm still left wondering about one thing? Do chicks really dig the whole macho rugged cowboy look? I mean really?

Tickets are available from TicketCenter, and are priced at $73.00, $58.00, and $43.00. The show will take place ath the Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico at 8:00 PM next Friday, September 7th.