Limpieza Internacional de Costas '07

Limpieza Internacional de Costas '07Scuba Dogs of Puerto Rico is gearing up for their annual program of International Coastal Cleanup for the month of September. In order to ensure that they have enough volunteers and volunteer leaders, they are asking for volunteers to contact them and indicate whether they are willing to become a Clean-up Captain.

Saturday September 15th, is International Coastal Cleanup Day and it will begin at 8:00 a.m. Scuba Dogs will provide training to volunteers in the collection of trash from bodies of water. The training will include the necessary instruction, materials, and snacks.

If you're interested in volunteering to become a Cleanup Captain, you can register by communicating your name, your contact telephone number, and the body of water (beach, river, or lake) where you want to become the clean-up leader.

The International Coastal Cleanup is impelled world-wide by The Ocean Conservancy every year on the same date, third Saturday of September. You can contact Scuba Dogs at:
• Phone - 787-783-6377
• Fax - 787-793-3301
• email -
• Website - (Inscription in line)
• Local - Samaritan Good Street, Gardenville, Guaynabo (next to the Urban Train of Torrimar)