Kudos for the Puerto Rico Convention Board

DMAIPThe "Destination Marketing Association International" (DMAI) has granted accreditation to the Puerto Rico Convention Board (PRCB, their initials in English). This marketing institution recognizes marketing organizations for destinations around the world that offer an exemplary service to the meeting planners, organizational congresses, and partners.

The accreditation, entitled "Destination Marketing Accreditation Program" (now that's unique and creative), converts Puerto Rico into the first destination in the Caribbean and Latin America to receive the distinction. Other destinations which already have the accreditation include Naples Florida, St. Petersburg Florida, and Montreal Canada. I must say, this is quite an achievement. Puerto Rico is the first "Latin American" country to receive the accreditation from an organization that has only accredited almost only United States destinations (a curiously non-international list). Wow, what a surprise.... The only "international" destination is Montreal Canada.

For filling out the application and paying for the accreditation, according to Ana Maria Viscasillas, president and principal official of the PRCB, it demonstrates their commitment to quality programs and service. Yeah right, it also demonstrates their commitment to have the Puerto Rico Convention Center run by SMG World, out of Philadelphia, PA.

Besides purchasing a membership, the PRCB had to comply with 87 standards established by the DMAI. Some of the standards included:

  • finances
  • regulatory direction
  • technology (oh brother)
  • human resources
  • investigation
  • administration
  • services to visitors and groups
  • sales
  • innovation.
Created in 1993, Destination Marketing Association International Foundation's mission is to enhance and complement the association and the destination management profession through research, education, visioning and developing resources and partnerships for those efforts.

Note: We would like to thank the user Tiffany for pointing out an error within this post. The acronym PRCB stands for Puerto Rico Convention Bureau.



21 de noviembre de 2007, 14:13
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El nombre de la organizacion es Puerto Rico Convention Bureau(PRCB)no Board. Tienen el website y si entraron pueden ver que el nombre lo tienen incorrecto.