Jonesing for some chocolate?

Hospital del Niño de Puerto RicoNo, this isn't about that super lame novela Dame Chocolate. I mean give me a freaking break, don't you see mysterious women with their faces wrapped in a scarf walking around in your neighborhood? That is, unless you live in Afghanistan, then my apologies.

No, what I'd like to suggest is that if you have a craving for chocolate candy bar, then please stop by Walgreens to get your fix. During august, Walgreen's Pharmacy in conjunction with Nestlé Fund Raising, will help remodel the boy's room of the Hospital del Niño de Puerto Rico with a contribution made possible by the sale of Nestlé Crunch candy bars.

The Hospital del Niño of Puerto Rico is the only pediatric hospital on the island that offers services long term care and convalescence to patients between 0 and 21 years old that suffer from physical or mental incapacity.

During these last few weeks of August the Nestlé Hormiguita (Ant?) will visit participating Walgreen's Pharmacies to promote the campaign. Promotional items will be available for participants.