Coming home....

Through the magic of domain name services, the Dondequiera blog is coming home to Dó As of this morning, our hew home page for the blog is

It'll take a few days to get all of the old links redirected and graphically integrate the blog into the rest of the site, but this has been a while in the works, so we're happy to reach this milestone.

It's the same great taste of Dó and Dondequiera all rolled into one juicy Web2.0 goodness. Same great taste, less url's. If you'd like you can update any existing links you might have pointing to the old address, but if you don't care to, then BlogSpot will do that for you. Any existing references to the BlogSpot address will automatically redirect to our new home. Well just home. DóndeEs sweet DóndeEs, dot com that is. Enjoy!