Univision te trae a Ivan

This will be the first of several July 4th related events. As you might expect, being raised in the United States gives me a special feeling towards the date of July 4th, that many here do not share. I would say that's completely understandable. However, just so you know, let's clarify what it means to most people in the U.S. First, it is absolutely, positively a day off. Hardly anyone works on 7/4. Second, because it is a day off, it most definitely means a day to PARTY, translation, a day to drink a lot of alcohol. Third, it means a day to shoot off fireworks. And, well call me a sucker, but any day dedicated to consuming mass quantities of alcohol and blowing shit up is tops in book.

But, I have to confess that most everybody here doesn't share my grasp of this opportunity. Since I've been here, I've never really seen anyone take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get drunk and light off fireworks. What can you do?

At least there are a few attempts this year, and we'll see how they turn out. As a preamble for the presentation of the participants of Objetivo Fama on the night of July 4th, on July 3rd, Ivan will be performing in Plaza San Jose on Calle San Sebastian. In conjunction with celebrating the Noches de Galeria, Ivan will perform at 9:00 p.m.

As I've mentioned to my wife, it must be either 1) Juan winning this years competition or 2) the massive ratings sweep of the competition, but you can hardly take a crap without seeing a performance of the losers from Objetivo Fama. I mean talk about milking a cow dry, how long is this going to go on?

I'm reminded of the roaring debating on the Internet over the importance of user generated content in sites such as YouTube, content in podcasts, and writing in blogs. On the one hand they provide the masses the opportunity to both participate and elevate what they believe is quality, but on the other hand, many believe that an Internet connection is a terrible thing to waste. I believe that the arrogance festival that is Objetivo Fama, is no different. From the judges who participate past the point that their opinions actually matter, to the contestants who are no different than the geek who uploads a video to YouTube, all of these reality shows American Idol, Latin Idol, and Objetivo Fama are all essentially the same thing. Big media companies preying on the dreams of their contestants and viewers to gain ratings. I mean what is so special about singing, that it should demand so much cultural and popular importance? In truth, I find us all so pathetic that we should care so much about these programs, but so little about the current events of our world. I often ask myself and others, are you sure we are not in the Matrix?

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