Ultima Hora: Festival de Flamboyán

One of the most striking emblems of Puerto Rico is the beautiful flamboyán trees. With their wide reaching branches and their rich colors, they are a Puerto Rican treasure to preserve. What better place to appreciate this treasure then in the place with maybe the most extensive collection of different variety of flamboyán, the municipality of Peñuelas, which will celebrate the Festival de Flamboyán this weekend.

Starting today, the municipality will celebrate the traditional festival, dedicated to the cultivation and protection of the tree and the relationship with the town. The festival, which will be held in the recreational plaza in downtown Peñuelas, will also feature artisans and crafts made with pieces of the flamboyán tree.

According to the mayor, Walter Torres Maldonado, for those interested, you can leave the festival with a flamboyán sprout and how to care for the young tree. In addition to the focus on the flamboyán tree, the festival will also feature three days of music.

July 13th

July 14th
  • Ana María y Herencia Jibara
  • Innovación Boricua
  • Arnaldo José y Nova Trova
  • Raphy Leavitt y su orquesta
July 15th
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sin machete

20 de octubre de 2008, 10:18
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These trees are beautiful, however the amount of leaves, seed pods, and organic matter falling from their branches will give you a nice work out when cleaning!

Better leave twenty or more feet between the tree, your house and other trees.