Trip Advisor Reviews

Building on my last post, the next step in our journey involves the hotel reviews of the popular tourism website Trip Advisor. Within their website they allow users to review and rate both hotels and things to do (think attractions, beaches, etc).

Through an arrangement with Trip Advisor, we now have the ability to share their reviews and ratings within the Dó Visual Directory®.

What to do:

As of now, there are only three hotels that feature the TripAdvisor tab in their bubble: the Courtyard by Marriot in Isla Verde, El Convento in Old San Juan, and the Hotel El Condado Plaza in, well, Condado, duhh.

We'll be adding this feature to additional hotels and then later to attractions. We'll also organize all of the featured hotels into a custom map, for easier access, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

For now if you want to see how these hotels stack up, just follow any of the links provided above. You can also use the navigation system (either menu-driven, directory or search) to locate one the hotels.

If you click on the pushpin for the hotel, the web page will display the bubble for that location. You should see a new tab on the right entitled "TripAdvisor". Well what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click on that sucker!

What you should see is a list of individual entries with a rating and a review. Each entry will start with a title (provided by the user). Next the entry will list the date and time of the entry. The reviews are listed in reverse chronological order.

Within each review, the user will select a rating between 1 (bad) and 5 (good). The logo is an owl face looking thang. So they list the average rating of the hotel in terms of the number of owl face thangies. After the user rating, the entry lists any comments left by the user. Each entry only lists the first piece of the comment. To read the complete comment, click on the title of the entry.

Well that's it. As I mentioned, we'll add many more hotels shortly. When we've gathered together a nice collection of hotels I'll let you know when the new custom map is available. Now back that stair climbing machine...