Security Expo 2007

Nice doggie...Tomorrow and Sunday, the Coliseo Pedrin Zorrilla will host the Security Expo 2007, while the parking lot of Estadio Hiram Bithorn will transmorgify into a security training center. With over 100 exhibitors, the expo will be the largest of its kind in the Caribbean (or so they say).

The expo will focus on "The new roadmap for security", whaaattttt? You mean to tell me that we've had a roadmap, hey how come nobody told us poor citizens about this roadmap? Oh yeah, I think I know why. It sucks, that's why. According to marketing material from the expo website, the expo features industry experts and technology vendors that are working together to chart a new course toward a secure future. Yeah, and sell everyone a bunch of crap that only makes them feel safe, but in actuality doesn't make them any safer.

Now maybe that's too harsh, I'm sure some of the stuff has a role and purpose in protecting most households and businesses. There are without a doubt many things one can do to make home and office a safer and more secure environment. However, in my opinion, the right things to do to make them safer have been around for thousands of years, there isn't a whole lot of technology you need to buy, that is unless they've figured out how to package and sell common sense and precaution.

While the event has free admission, I would imagine that the majority of vendors are oriented towards selling products to the safety and security industry on the island, instead of directly to home and business owners. It might be a good opportunity to learn about the recommended protections everyone should take for their home and business, but other than that I'd say the purpose of the event is to scare the shit out of everyone and give away a bunch of crappy swag.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: Lucid Nightmare