San Juan Academia de Golf

ForeAnd they said he was crazy! Ok, hear me out! Here is the idea, let's build a golf course on top of an old garbage dump. No wait, stop laughing. It's going to be cool. And really, after a while, you won't really notice the stench. Yes, really, really!

After being the laughing stock of everyone, perhaps it is San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini, who is going to be laughing last. On July 12th, he will inaugurate the San Juan Golf Academy and Driving Range. Built on top of the San Juan landfill ("vertedero"), the Golf Academy, built with an estimated $5 million dollars, features a driving range as well as a practice golf course of 18 holes, well maybe eventually.

For those of you who want to learn golf, and we know who you are..., and are looking for a place to do it, then maybe the San Juan Golf Academy is for you. In addition to a driving range that has 38 driving lanes, the academy will also feature two classrooms and two golf simulator stations. The simulators will feature two large screens that will project scenes from the most famous golf courses and the ability to simulate each swing in virtual reality. The simulators have two forms of use, first the public can rent the use of the simulator for half an hour, or two, participate in the classes to be offered by the municipality (more on that soon).

The purpose of the classrooms is to give classes about the history of golf, the etiquette of golf, the proper dressing (WTF?), and the rules of the game. The municipality will also offer classes using the driving ranges. Classes will be available with an individual instructor, or as part of one of the classes in the academy.

On July 10th, the mayor will host an inauguration celebration entitled the "Gran Gala de Golf." The event is invitation only (yes, again) and will feature the participation of Andy Montañez and Lissette Alvarez.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: redjar